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When you think of world-class luxury and exceptional speed in cars today, the one name that comes to mind is Maserati. That’s why a Maserati service in Melbourne is necessary to keep it working its best.

Originally founded in December 1914 in Bologna, Italy, Maserati is a premier vehicle manufacturing brand that was the brainchild of the Maserati brothers, Ernesto, Ettore and Alfieri. The Neptune trident of the Maserati has become an emblem of luxury, style and elegance today, catching the eye everywhere it goes. Maserati owners understand what a privilege it is to own this beautiful piece of European machinery.

If you own a beautiful Maserati, you would want to ensure that it falls into experienced hands when it comes to servicing and mechanical repairs. With SSC Mechanics, you can get best-in-class Maserati servicing in Melbourne. We have over 12 years of experience in servicing European luxury cars, so we understand what it takes to give these machines the care they deserve. Call us at (03) 9338 9573 to book with your local Maserati mechanic today.

Maserati’s Tradition of Passion and Innovation

Based in Modena and founded in Bologna, Maserati is well-known around the world for its Grand Touring and sports cars. The rich history, stellar performance, and best-in-class features of this automotive brand have always fascinated car lovers across the globe. It is through Maserati’s passion and innovation that they have been able to build themselves into the luxury car brand we are all familiar with today.

Here’s just a few reasons why Maserati car models will always be sure to stand out –

  • Stellar performance: These cars offer their drivers so much, but the most striking feature of a Maserati has to be its amazing performance. When the company was first launched in 1914, it primarily catered to auto racers, and this business model continued for centuries, making Maserati the godfather of sports model cars.
  • Exclusivity: The manufacturing of certain Maserati cars is done in limited numbers, which makes these models particularly exclusive. If you own a Maserati, it’s like being part of an exclusive club.
  • Engineering and design: The engineering team behind Maserati are truly artists, which is reflected in the beautiful design and build of these cars. A Maserati always stands out on the road and turns heads wherever it goes.
  • Timelessness: Maserati cars are always designed on futuristic themes, which makes them timeless. The interior components are made of durable materials, and the use of plastic and rubber in these cars is kept to a minimum. The manufacturers make sure that they maintain the simplicity of classic racing cars while also introducing the latest features that all drivers would find useful. But they never bombard their users with an overwhelming choice of instruments.

SSC Mechanics: Specialists in Maserati Car Services in Airport West

When it comes to cutting-edge technologies in emissions, safety and driver aids, there is nothing quite like a European vehicle. And the service, maintenance and repair of these state-of-the-art vehicles require specialised knowledge, equipment and skills of trained professionals. This is what we offer at SSC Mechanics – the best Maserati mechanic in Airport West. We have qualified professionals that have been trained to work on all makes and models of complex European cars.

When you bring your prized possession for Maserati car servicing at SSC Mechanics, you can rest easy knowing that it is in the right hands. With over 12 years of experience in the auto service and repair industry, our trained mechanics are committed to ensuring the highest standards when working on complex vehicles. Whether you come for standard repairs or logbook services, we will only use the genuine parts and oils recommended directly by the manufacturer. We strive to ensure your peace of mind and aim to provide you genuine value with each and every single one of our specialised services.

Being a family-owned business, the SSC Mechanics difference is simple – providing customer service that is based on quality work, trust and respect. We follow the same philosophy in our pricing too. We at SSC Mechanics want to change the narrative of unreliable and overpriced Maserati services in this industry.

SSC Mechanics is also a fully accredited Maserati servicing specialist. We possess the following certifications –

  • AAFRB (Automotive Alternative Fuels Registration Board)
  • LVT (Licensed vehicle tester/Roadworthy inspection)
  • VACC Certificate III Automotive – qualified light vehicle automotive technician & motor mechanic.

Our Maserati Services

SSC Mechanics is Melbourne’s premier independent Maserati servicing and repair centre. Whether your Maserati is a family vehicle, hobby car or a weekender, when you bring it to SSC Mechanics, you can be sure that it will get the care it deserves. Our trained Maserati mechanic professionals at SSC Mechanics specialise in the servicing and repair of all past and current models of Maserati.

Maserati Transmission Services

If transmission issues in your car go unnoticed and unchecked, it can lead to further mechanical issues that may be more difficult and costly to correct. This is why Maserati owners are urged to stay on top of the health and wellbeing of their vehicle’s transmission. With SSC Mechanics transmission services, you can keep your Maserati running smoothly and efficiently.

Mechanical Repairs for your Maserati

Even though a Maserati is made to be durable, it can encounter mechanical issues from time to time. Whether it’s changing the battery, replacing the wiper blades, or repairing the clutch, you can trust SSC Mechanics to carry out all the repairs with genuine parts.

Maserati Radiator Repairs

If the radiator of your Maserati malfunctions, it can again lead to serious complications. To keep your Maserati’s cooling system running optimally, you simply need to call SSC Mechanics to handle all radiator repairs and maintenance issues that may arise over the course of your Maserati’s lifespan.

Maserati Log Book Services

The manufacturer defines a series of mechanical checks and repairs in the log book, which have to be done every year. If you’re after Maserati log book services and repairs, simply bring your car in for an annual check-up with SSC Mechanics. We will ensure that your Maserati service ensures it is in perfect working condition, as per the manufacturer’s standards.

Wheel & Tyre Fitting for Maserati Car Models

Both your wheels and tyres need to be in optimal running condition if you want your Maserati to run smoothly on the roads. At SSC Mechanics, we provide wheel and tyre fitting services according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Vehicle Safety Checks

If you own a Maserati, you most likely love taking it to top speeds when cruising down a country highway. To ensure your safety before hitting the open road, it is imperative that you get vehicle safety checks done by the experienced safety technicians and mechanics here at SSC.

Maserati Road Tests

In these tests, we determine the road performance of your vehicle by putting it through a series of manoeuvres. You can bring your Maserati to SSC Mechanics, and we’ll ensure due compliance when conducting tailored Maserati road tests.

Roadworthy Certificates

If you’re planning to sell your Maserati, you can bring it to fully-licensed SSC Mechanics to obtain an up-to-date roadworthy certificate. We’ll do all the necessary checks to determine if your car is in reasonable driving condition, making it easier to sell your car to the right buyers as quickly as possible.

Ready to book your Maserati servicing?

SSC Mechanics is the one-stop shop for all your Maserati car servicing needs. Being a family-owned business of Maserati mechanics, we understand the importance of trustworthy and reliable services, which is precisely why we offer all of our Maserati vehicle servicing and repairs at competitive price points. We also offer Afterpay and zipPay mechanic services to provide you with the flexibility you need.

So call us today at (03) 9338 9573 to book your service at Maserati service at SSC Mechanics in Airport West. We’re looking forward to knowing how we can help you.

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