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Alternator Repairs

Alternator Repairs In Airport West

Your car’s alternator is responsible for turning the mechanical energy produced by your engine into electrical energy. An alternator also stores excess power in your car’s battery. The ignition system, air conditioners, lighting and other electrical components of your vehicle all rely on your alternator being kept in good working order, so it’s essential to bring your car in for regular alternator repairs. This not only ensures that your vehicle is safe to drive every day, but that it also retains its value should you decide to sell in the future.

At S.S.C. Mechanics, our expert car mechanics recommend that you bring your car in for an alternator repair or replacement every 7-10 years or 240,000 km, whichever comes first. Our alternator repair service includes a full diagnostic test to uncover problems like a broken voltage regulator, a damaged pulley and a faulty rectifier. Our technicians then decide whether to perform an alternator repair or a full-on alternator replacement.

We have years of experience providing alternator repairs and replacements to clients in a wide range of Melbourne suburbs, including Essendon, Tullamarine and Moonee Ponds. We also perform repairs on starter motors, a distinct part of your car responsible for starting your engine when you switch on the ignition.


Key signs that you need to repair or replace your alternator

While we recommend bringing your vehicle in for an alternator repair every 7-10 years, we recommend getting an alternator repair immediately if you notice one of the following signs:


– You see the battery warning light illuminated on your dashboard: this is the clearest sign that there’s something wrong with your car’s alternator or electrical system.

– The electronics in your car, including the air conditioning system and lights, are malfunctioning or not turning on at all.

– Your car’s batteries are constantly dying: this can be an indicator that your alternator isn’t transferring power to your batteries and needs to be repaired or replaced.

– Your engine keeps stalling.


Your alternator is one of the most important components of your vehicle, which means that you should choose only the best mechanics for alternator repairs or replacements. At S.S.C. Mechanics, we’ve performed repairs and replacements on countless alternators, ensuring 100% roadworthiness for your vehicle.

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Why Choose S.S.C. Mechanics For Alternator Repairs?

S.S.C. Mechanics has years of experience repairing alternators on a wide variety of vehicles. Whether you need to fix the alternator on your American, European or Japanese car, we have you covered. We also perform alternator repairs on both private and commercial vehicles.

Besides providing effective, affordable alternator repairs and replacements, S.S.C. Mechanics is also licensed to issue roadworthy certificates, which you’ll need if you intend to sell or re-register your vehicle, or if your vehicle has a clear defect. We have comprehensive knowledge of roadworthiness standards in Victoria as they relate to alternators, starter motors and other parts of your car.

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Car Alternator Replacement Services

Sometimes, the damage to a car’s alternator is so extensive that a repair isn’t possible. In these cases, we’ll replace your alternator. When performing an alternator replacement, our mechanics carefully detach your old alternator from your vehicle by releasing the drive belt and removing the electrical connectors and mounting bolts. We then secure your new alternator into your vehicle by routing the drive belt over the pulleys and re-attaching the electrical connections.

S.S.C. Mechanics offers our alternator replacement service at affordable prices. We have experience replacing alternators on a wide range of vehicles, so whether you own a vintage Mercedes Benz or an American muscle car, you can rest assured that your car is in good hands.

An alternator replacement can either be brand-new or remanufactured. At S.S.C. Mechanics, we strongly recommend replacing your alternator with a brand-new unit as new alternators typically last longer, are safer on the road and help maintain your car’s resale value.

Should my alternator be repaired or replaced?

Our experienced mechanics will determine whether a repair or a full replacement of your alternator should be done. The main factor we take into consideration is the extent of damage to your alternator.

In most cases, we recommend replacing your alternator with a brand-new unit. While replacing your car’s alternator might be more expensive than performing repairs, a replacement has plenty of benefits. A new alternator is less likely to experience issues, which helps you save on vehicle maintenance costs in the long run. Replacing your alternator with a brand-new one also helps you save on fuel by allowing electronics like lights and air conditioners to run more efficiently.

The only time we would suggest repairing your alternator rather than replacing it is if damages are minimal. In cases where our mechanics can restore your existing alternator to close to its original condition, it’s more cost-effective to perform a simple alternator repair.

Buy Now, Pay Later On Alternator Repairs And Replacements

While we do our best to keep our prices low, the costs of servicing your alternator can add up, especially if you need a replacement. This is compounded by the fact that alternator problems can happen at any time. Because of how crucial alternators are to a properly functioning vehicle, we do not recommend putting off alternator repairs.

To help our clients with payments, S.S.C. Mechanics offers Afterpay and zipPay on alternator repairs and replacements, as well as on other vehicle repair services, including start motor repairs, tyre fittings and more. We offer our buy now, pay later option for up to $5,000, which covers the vast majority of alternator repair or replacement jobs.

If you’re looking to repair or replace a faulty alternator, don’t hesitate to make a booking with one of our expert mechanics today.

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