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21st November, 2021

How to Choose the Right Mechanic For You: A Guide

The lockdowns were a difficult time for everyone, including our cars. After all, cars need to be used and maintained to stay in perfect functioning condition, and the months with everyone staying indoors all the time have led to many vehicles showing their neglect in a variety of ways. A large portion of these issues has been based around car batteries, which can start to show issues when left unused for extended periods of time.

With these issues in mind, more and more motorists are starting to look for new reputable mechanics to get their vehicles back into working order. However, in turn, many motorists are also finding out just how difficult this process can be. Being a reputable mechanic is a very specialised field, and because of this, it can be hard for those with a limited understanding of their vehicle’s inner workings to know what they’re looking for or whether they’re being ripped off. That’s why, at S.S.C Mechanics, we’re here to help.

As one of Melbourne’s most trusted mechanic services, S.S.C Mechanics is dedicated to ensuring that you get the best possible service for your vehicle for a reasonable price. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how to choose a mechanic, and what to look out for when making your final decision.

Finding a Mechanic via Word of Mouth

This may seem like a simple way to start but bear with me. The fact is, every mechanic wants you to believe that they’re the greatest person to ever hold an impact wrench, and not all of them are going to have your best interest in mind when promoting themselves. So, if you’re unsure as to whether a certain mechanic is right for you, speak to people you trust to see if they’ve had any experience with those services themselves. It can be hard to get an unbiased opinion online, so speaking with a person you know and respect is always going to be a great way to get more information about their first-hand experiences. If you’re new to an area, why not check out some online reviews for unbiased opinions of local mechanics’ services?

Visit Their Garage Personally

Online reviews are good, reading up on the website is good, but nothing beats going down and seeing a business for yourself. Speaking with your chosen mechanic will give you a good idea of what you need, what it may cost, and what the work they’re doing looks like. This is also a good time to ask questions and familiarise yourself with their processes. The more information you can get, the better, especially if you’re looking for a reputable mechanic that you will be going to long-term.

Trust Your Intuition

Did you get a bad feeling about something when meeting your mechanic? Not feeling that they’re going to do the best job for your vehicle, but aren’t sure why? That’s okay, and you don’t need a reason to be uncertain about what can be a very expensive service. It’s important that you’re completely comfortable with your service, and if you’re feeling uneasy after speaking with your mechanic service provider, that’s reason enough to look elsewhere.

Get Multiple Quotes on Big Jobs

As I mentioned earlier, certain large-scale vehicle repairs and servicing jobs are going to be quite costly. So, if you’re not absolutely certain about your mechanic, and you’re in a position to choose, it’s okay to get some quotes and compare different options. Look at reviews, get several quotes, speak with multiple mechanics and do everything that you need to for your own comfort. You’ll thank yourself later when you have that much-needed peace of mind.


It can be difficult to know what to look for when learning how to choose a mechanic, especially when your experience is limited. However, hopefully, you should only have to go through this process once, and you can find a service provider that works for your needs. Remember, your comfort when making a final decision is important, and it pays to be discerning when choosing a reputable mechanic. Good luck!

Want to learn more about how to choose a mechanic? Want tips and tricks for keeping your car fully functional? Just want to learn more about vehicles? Explore the S.S.C Mechanics car blog today and stay up-to-date with any and all new posts!

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