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Afterpay Car Repairers in Airport West

Have you found yourself in a difficult situation? Are you in need of professional mechanic services, but don’t have the means to start making payments straight away? Don’t worry, because S.S.C Mechanics has a solution for you. At S.S.C Mechanics, we offer zipPay and Afterpay mechanic services in Airport West for up to $5,000, ensuring that you never have to put off your car care.

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As Melbourne’s best Afterpay mechanic, we’re proud to announce that all of our car services are now available on Afterpay and zipPay. Needing to get your car brakes serviced? Better safe than sorry – Afterpay your car brakes. Or maybe you’re wanting to get your car serviced, which should be done every six months or 10 000 kilometres at a minimum? Look no further than S.S.C Mechanics to Afterpay your car service in Airport West and help you save money on car repairs.

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Why Choose S.S.C Mechanics?

Outside of our flexible payment options, there are many other reasons why our customers trust S.S.C for mechanical repairs!

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The Best Mechanics That Do Afterpay in Melbourne

Sometimes, big purchases don’t line up with our paycheques, or we find ourselves having to make concessions for expenses we couldn’t have planned for. As a leading provider of flexible mechanic services in Airport West, we at S.S.C Mechanics want to do everything we can to ensure that you get the vehicular services you need when you need them. This is why we have partnered with Afterpay, which provides a lot of benefits to our loyal customers. Amongst others, the benefits include:

  • A “buy now, pay later” approach to your mechanical needs.
  • The peace of mind knowing that your big purchases don’t have to be made all at once.
  • To get the product or service required immediately, and then split the cost into easier-to-manage fortnightly payments, with only the first payment made at the time of purchase.
  • Gives you the additional payment option at all times.

Whether your car breaks down on the road, or you simply need to come in for a standard checkup, Afterpay it.

Mechanics that do zipPay in Melbourne

We also do zipPay! Similar to Afterpay, zipPay provides you with the chance to get the services you need whilst splitting payments into smaller, easier-to-manage amounts to be paid after the fact. However, unlike Afterpay which provides you with a set amount to pay back every fortnight, going to a zipPay mechanic allows you to set your own payment schedule based on your needs and situation.

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