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02nd May, 2022

How to Save Petrol: 4 Ingenious Ways To Reduce Your Petrol Usage

In the last few months, petrol prices have skyrocketed exponentially, making it more and more difficult to fill up your tank without spending a sky-high amount of money. As a result, you’re probably looking for ways to reduce your day-to-day petrol usage, so as to avoid the dreaded trip to the nearest petrol station. But, there are in fact a plethora of ways to save on petrol or save money on car maintenance that will also benefit the long term health of your car. Read on as we show you how to savvily save and keep your car in its optimum health.


1. Make Services A Priority

A way that will without a doubt make a huge difference to your fuel consumption, is ensuring that your car is serviced regularly. If you’re wondering how to save petrol this is without a doubt one of the best ways. Seeking professional advice and making certain your car is running at its best capacity. The longer you wait, or more irregularly you receive services the more likely you are to develop problems that affect your fuel consumption; for example, if the oil you’re using is too thick, parts of the engine will have a more difficult time moving through it and you end up using more than necessary and needing to purchase petrol more often.

Think of seeing a mechanic to service your car as an investment. By keeping your car moving and working at an optimum rate, you avoid issues that will arise due to few and far between services, these issues can seriously affect your car and cause it to break down sooner. Services save you these issues and keep your car running in a way that will cost you less over time.

Fear not if you’re wanting to keep your car in the best condition but don’t have the funds to pay for it this month; we offer Afterpay so you can keep your car prioritised without having to splash out the cash.


2. Find A Mechanic That Caters To Your Type Of Car

It’s important to find a mechanic that specialises in the particular type of vehicle that you own. Mechanics with years of industry experience will know what to look for as they specialise in your car, and may pick up on little details that could be missed. These mechanics will undertake such services as road safety inspections, replacing and maintaining your wheels, as well as general repairs. Mechanics like S.S.C Mechanics will ensure that in the instance that the issue is not able to be handled by their expertise, they will refer you to an alternative qualified mechanic to look after the problem. Having a mechanic like this that you can trust means you know you’re always in the best hands, and your car is always in the top condition, this will create a positive domino effect, you will end up spending less fuel due to less internal issues that could be overlooked by somebody who does not specialise in your type of car.


3. Keep Your Tires Pumped Up

Ensuring that your tires are properly looked after and inflated may seem like a minor issue to deal with in the grand scheme of your vehicle care and petrol usage, but it is in fact vital when looking at how to save money on petrol. We’ve all been guilty of letting our tires fall a little flatter than perhaps they should be, but this is more than a minor hazard. This will increase your car’s rolling resistance when moving which makes parts of the engine have to work harder, this then affects how much petrol you use.

As this task feels like such a tedious and minor one, it can often fall to the wayside until it is too late, this is why seeing a mechanic is so beneficial, they can do this for you during their service and you’ll find you will be taking trips to the petrol station far less.


4. Keep Your Driving Efficient

A simple, but effective way to use less fuel, is to drive efficiently. There are a number of ways to do this, firstly, plan your route beforehand and when possible, drive in low traffic times, this will decrease your starting and stopping, and mean that overall you are spending less time on the roads. For those who are especially thrifty, turning your engine off when stopped during high traffic periods does in fact not waste fuel and can actually save you money when driving for longer periods of time. Unfortunately for those who have queried “does driving in neutral save petrol?” It will not, so save yourself some time and try to drive in less congested areas and times.

For many of us, our car is almost like a second home. We spend so much of our precious time inside of it and it takes us wherever we want to go. So, it’s important we look after it, as it will ensure that our cars last longer over time, and is beneficial for the drivers as we spend less time stopped at a petrol station.


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