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19th May, 2021

Getting your car ready for winter: Winter checklist for vehicles

With the air getting colder and the Autumn hues turning to umbrella weather, it’s clear that Winter will soon be upon us. Whilst people are getting Winter-ready with heaters and warm clothes to brace for the season ahead, the same can’t always be said for their cars. A change in season tends to mean a change in car maintenance, and here at S.S.C Mechanics, we’re here to help you make an early start on your transition into rainier roads.

Winter checklist for vehicles,

So, whether you’re getting ready for a Winter vehicle check or just want to keep your favourite automotive ready for the months ahead, let’s look at a few ways to prepare your car for Winter.

Winter Checklist For Vehicles - Melbourne Mechanics

Car Battery Care

Let’s start with one of the more common issues associated with preparing your car for Winter. A car battery works, like all batteries, through a number of chemical reactions, and whilst heat can speed these reactions up, the cold can slow them down in a way that can spell problems for your vehicle. These temperatures can also lead to a considerable amount of buildup which, if not properly taken care of, can lead to permanent battery damage.

Every Winter vehicle check will involve looking at the car’s battery and making sure that any buildup is removed. At S.S.C Mechanics, we can also source and replace a battery that has been damaged, providing you with peace of mind regarding the state of your vehicle through the colder months.

Preparing Your Car For Winter Checklist - Melbourne Mechanics

Tyre Care

Common car tyres can wear down over time due to frequent use, and whilst this may not cause frequent issues in dry weather, the rain is a very different story. An influx of rain on the roads makes braking and vehicle control more difficult for tyres that have started to lose their tread. So, if you are looking for ways to keep your car safe to drive during the winter months, then getting your tyres checked for wear and damage should be a top priority, especially if you live in areas with a lot of rainfall.

Winter Checklist For Vehicles - Melbourne Mechanics

Light Care

Outside of the issues we discussed with car batteries earlier, as daylight hours become shorter and shorter, your lights will be playing a much larger role in your driving. Therefore, it’s important to get your lights checked as part of your Winter vehicle check, as having your lights turn off whilst in a nighttime storm or fog can make driving dangerous, whether you know the area well or not.

Preparing Your Car For Winter Checklist - Melbourne Mechanics

Window Wiper Care

In storms and other harsh weather that Winter can bring, your window wipers are your primary means of keeping the road clear and visible. So, making sure that your window wiper mechanisms are in good functioning condition will be a necessary safety precaution. If your wipers themselves are degrading or old, we would recommend getting them replaced prior to Winter, as this will ensure that they are as effective as they can be in providing visibility.

Winter Checklist For Vehicles - Melbourne Mechanics

Demister Care

While those that don’t own cars are likely less familiar with it, the demister is an important part of your vehicle, especially during the colder months. Your demister acts as a means of removing frost and ice that can build up overnight. So, make sure that you have it checked and get your demister repaired the moment you notice any issues arising.

Also note that you should never pour hot water on your windscreen to remove ice. This is because the sudden change in temperature can crack your screen and cause very expensive damage that may put your vehicle out of commission for some time.

Are you ready to get your Winter vehicle check? At S.S.C Mechanics, our accredited vehicle maintenance specialists offer a full range of vehicle services, including everything from basic checkups to full repairs that are in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. To learn more, or book a mechanic, contact us today by filling out a contact form here or by calling us at(03) 9338 9573.

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