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15th June, 2023

How To Save Money On Car Maintenance: 6 Top Tips

Whether you’re driving a hatchback, European convertible or classic tradie ute, all cars require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity, reliability, and optimal performance. At S.S.C Mechanics, we understand better than anyone the anxiety that comes with paying for car maintenance (that’s why we’re proud to be a mechanic that offers Afterpay), but did you know there’s a few simple steps you can take to save money on car maintenance?

How To Save Money On Car Repairs

Have you been wondering how to save money on car expenses and car servicing? Your car will always need a little love from a professional mechanic once a year, but by changing the way you drive and care for your car, you can avoid the cost of unexpected repairs or replacement parts when scheduled service time comes.

Keep reading to learn more about how to save money on car maintenance by following these 6 simple tips:

1. Stay On Top Of Servicing

Regularly sticking to your car’s maintenance schedule is much like keeping up with a healthy lifestyle – it keeps your car running smoothly and helps you sidestep potential headaches down the road like costly repairs or sourcing a Roadworthy Certificate. By keeping up with routine checks, from oil changes to brake inspections, you’re effectively investing in your vehicle’s future. It’s a bit like regular check-ups at the doctor – you catch minor issues before they evolve into something far more serious (and expensive!).

Plus, a car that’s regularly serviced doesn’t just run better – it sips fuel more efficiently. With everything working in top gear, your vehicle won’t need to guzzle as much petrol to get you from A to B. So, not only will you get a smoother ride, but you’ll also feel a little lighter at the petrol station, with those extra dollars staying right where they belong – in your wallet. Put simply, staying on top of servicing is not just a smart move – it’s a pocket-friendly one too!

how to save money on car maintenance

2. Learn How To Change A Tyre

Don’t get us wrong, we love it when you visit us – but learning how to change a tyre is one of those fundamental skills that can significantly trim your car maintenance costs. When a flat tyre interrupts your journey, you’ll no longer need to dial a mechanic’s number or have your car towed to the nearest shop.

Imagine the scene. You’re on the road, and you notice that dreaded sag in your car’s handling. Instead of stressing out over the inconvenience and expense, you simply pull over, fetch your trusty jack and spare tire, and get to work. In no time, you’re back on the road, heading to your destination.

Learning how to change a tire is easy. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to change a tyre, or you can view free how-to videos on Youtube, like this one:

With a bit of learning and some practice, you can save yourself a chunk of change.

3. Fuel Smartly for Long-term Savings

Did you know using the right fuel for your vehicle can add years to its life and boost its performance? Don’t fall for the myth that pricier, higher octane fuel is always better. High-performance engines or turbocharged cars require premium fuel because it doesn’t burn prematurely. While this may benefit your car if it’s working harder than usual, i.e towing a trailer or carrying an excess, there’s no need to spend money on high octane fuel. Instead of paying up at the pump, put that cash towards your next scheduled service. It’ll help save money on car maintenance long term. For a better guide on how to save money on fuel, check out our other blog.

4. Drive Wisely, Save More

Your driving habits can significantly impact your car’s health. Avoid harsh acceleration and sudden braking; they can speed up your vehicle’s wear and tear, leading to frequent and costly repairs. Actions like harsh acceleration and abrupt braking can have negative impacts on your car’s health. These habits put unnecessary stress on your vehicle’s components, causing them to wear out faster than they should.

Instead, adopt a gentler approach to driving. Aim to maintain steady speeds whenever possible and allow your engine to rev smoothly. This driving style results in less strain on your vehicle’s engine and other components, prolonging their lifespan and, as a result, increasing the intervals between necessary repairs or parts replacements.

5. Regular Tyre Pressure Checks are a Must

Keeping your tyres at the right pressure boosts fuel efficiency and prolongs their lifespan. Properly inflated tyres evenly distribute your vehicle’s weight, preventing premature wear and tear. On the flip side, tyres that are either under or over-inflated wear out faster, as they can’t distribute the weight correctly. That means you could find yourself needing to replace them sooner than you’d like, hitting your wallet where it hurts.

So, how often should you be checking your tyre pressure? Make it a weekly ritual. It’s a quick and easy task that offers significant pay-offs. A few minutes each week can lead to savings on petrol, a longer tyre life, and a smoother ride. Put simply, checking tyre pressure weekly is a small effort with big pay-offs.

6. Explore Afterpay Mechanics: Your Budget-Friendly Option

When choosing a mechanic, don’t limit yourself to the first one you find. Prices can differ substantially between workshops, so comparing costs and requesting quotes is smart. Consider mechanics offering Afterpay – a payment option that lets you get the service now and pay in instalments. This can make unexpected repair costs much more manageable, keeping your car in top condition without stretching your budget.

Afterpay & Zippay Mechanics

The Final Word

Keep in mind, folks, car maintenance doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. With these six money-saving tips and the handy option of Afterpay mechanics, you’ll keep your ride running smoothly while keeping your finances on track. If your car is in need of a service, Roadworthy Certificate or repairs, call S.S.C Mechanics today 9338 9573. We’re the Afterpay mechanic in Airport West you can trust!

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