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18th May, 2022

How Can A Car Fail Inspection? 3 Tips For Beginners

Have you ever wondered- how can a car fail inspection? For many of us, our car is our lifeline. Getting us from location to location, keeping us warm, or cool, comfortable and dry. So, even when one or two dashboard signs begin to light up, many opt to ignore them simply because ignorance is bliss. But, what happens when one too many lights go off, and you fail your vehicle safety inspection, with your car deemed unroadworthy? We talk you through how to prohibit this situation from happening and, if it does, how to avoid it ever happening again.

How Do You Fail A Vehicle Inspection?

One way you could fail a vehicle inspection actually begins outside the car. If your tires are damaged or have low tread depth, you could be in trouble. Though they’re outside the car, fitted quality tires are one of the most critical components of driving. Without tires that grip correctly, you’re at a higher risk of damaging your vehicle or, even worse, yourself. Of course, tires aren’t the only criterion in your vehicle inspection. A great way to understand what will likely class your car as ‘unroadworthy’ is considering which components would compromise your safety should it not work. For example, if you’re caught in a storm with faulty windshield wipers, you’ll put yourself and other road users in an unsafe situation.

The same goes for your steering. We’ve all become intimately familiar with the way our car drives, and perhaps your car has little issues and quirks when it comes to steering through wet weather or slightly rocky terrain. Maybe the steering wheel even ceases up sometimes? No matter how used you may become to these seemingly-minor issues, this once puts lives at risk and, therefore, would mean your car is classed unroadworthy.

how can a car fail inspection

What Happens If You Fail A Vehicle Inspection?

In Victoria, failing your car inspection means you have seven days to rectify the issue that caused you to fail. This needs to be done by a licensed mechanic who provides mechanical repair services. If the issue is not addressed adequately, you may need to book another safety inspection and end up out-of-pocket. On top of this, a full inspection will need to be carried out again – and who needs that hassle and stress?

The Importance Of Seeing A Mechanic Regularly

The previously highlighted issues are a few of the reasons your car could fail its vehicle inspection, but there are many more. Hence why it is so important to see a mechanic regularly for car servicing of all makes and models, including servicing European cars. A mechanic is trained to spot issues before they become a significant problem. Although seeing a mechanic may not prevent problems completely, it does stop issues from worsening, helping to prolong your car’s overall health and your ability to drive it safely. Seeing experienced professionals like S.S.C Mechanics means that everything within your car will be checked and tested on the road, from your indicators to your seatbelts. Your safety is paramount! You’ll also benefit from peace of mind. In the long-run, a vehicle inspection also reduces costs through minimising the risk of compounding issues.

At one point or another, your car will fail safety criteria that need to be fixed, so ensuring you regularly visit a mechanic is imperative. This is to ensure that your car is as safe as possible and, should a part need to be repaired, you know you can trust them to do a good job and get you back on the roads again, safely and responsibly. So, what are you waiting for? Make a booking today!

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